Finally some updates to our Vision Map !


Image version of Vision MAP

Note the routes indicated are suggested only and do not represent any finalized plans, so please forgive any presumptions that indicate paths infringing on your personal properties … the lines indicate general corridors under consideration and needed to go somewhere on the map. All input welcome !

4 Responses to “Vision Map (aka MAPmap ;)”

  1. GreenHearted Says:

    I wonder if this is on display somewhere, to be able to see it in a bigger version.

    • niallp Says:

      I have a one hardcopy and more could be made, you should be able to have the .pdf printed at any size you like or drop by and I’ll pass off the copy I have.

  2. Chuck H Says:

    Was there a suggestion for a trail from Ketch or mate down to Bedwell Harbour Road? FRom Mate is far too steep. End of Ketch to Old Bedwell Harbour Rd. makes more sense. Cheers, Chuick

    • Niall P. Says:

      Hi Chuck … our Vision Map needs some updates but both those ideas have been floated in the past. The connection from Mate to Bedwell Harbour Road has been used in the past by walkers but trespasses on private land. It was suggested with community funding that property (as yet undeveloped) might make a park and trail. Definitely steep, stairs and no bikes unless they are being carried. Connections to Old Bedwell Harbour Road from Ketch or across the GINPR lands are also possible but again involve negotiations over private land. There is a trail around Lively Peak now to the top of Scarff which helps a bit.

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